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time to discover ephesus

Archaelogical Ephesus Tour

Where do we go in  Archaelogical Ephesus Tour ?

  • Ephesus Ancient City
  • Terrace Houses of Ephesus
  • Artemis Temple
  • Lunch (Optional)

Archaelogical Ephesus Tour

Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus, one of the greatest ancient sites in the world today, is an outstanding stop in our excursion. You will be visiting sites in Ephesus like Odeon which used to be a musical hall in ancient Ephesus, State and Commercial Agoras, Library of Celsus which used to be the third biggest library in the ancient world by having 12.000 books and scrolls, Grand Theater of Ephesus where Paul and many others preached and also which has capacity of 24.000 people, Temple of Hadrian which was built in the name of legendary Emperor Hadrian who visited old Ephesus once, Latrines (also know as ‘’toilets) of Ephesus which shows us a glimpse of daily life in Ancient Ephesus.

Terrace Houses of Ephesus

The richest of the Ephesians used to live in the center of the city. Today seven of the old Roman villas are still visible and open for your visit. We will be visiting Terrace Houses in Ephesus during our walk through in Ephesus. Terrace Houses show some of the best works of ancient frescos and mosaics.

Temple of Artemis (A.K.A. Temple of Diana)

Today temple does not have a lot left from it’s old beauty. Temple was destroyed by ‘’Herosdotus’’ in fourth century B.C. and could never gain it’s old glory. Single column left from temple still gives us an idea about temple’s original look.
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Notes About Our Tours

  • Plese keep in mind that your tour will be operated privately for you, so you can decide yourself when to start your tour. We believe starting around 09:00 am will be always the best, but also starting as early as possible is better for cruise guests to avoid the crowds.
  • Our tours include Hotel / Cruise Port (Izmir, Kusadasi) / Airport (Istanbul, Izmir) pick up & drop by private coach.
  • Parking fees and gas is included
  • Your very own Private Licenced Tour Guide in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German.
  • All state taxes, official expenses and all required insurance.
  • No extra, hidden, suprise, unexpected charges!
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